There’s something exciting brewing, as we’re looking forward to a launch of some tasty new Norfolk Brewhouse teas.

For quite some time now we have been known for our creative use of tea and infusions in a number of our beers. The most notable of which is our winter amber ale – Hiberno – which each year uses a lovely Blood Orange Tea infusion to add a citrus and fruity kick to the ale.

So, that got us to thinking about creating some unique blends of tea of our own for when you would like a cuppa rather than a beer.

Now, before you get to thinking about a tea which tastes like beer, that’s not we are talking about here, more about creating blends which seek to replicate spcifcally the hop characteristics of particular Moon Gazer beers.

For example – if you like our Pintail Norfolk Pale Ale, which uses the New Zealand hop Motueka – you will appreciate the subtle flavour characteristics of that hop. In the case of Pintail the specific aroma characteristics include fresh crushed citrus and lime with background hints of tropical fruit, such a mango and pineapple.

So, that is the characteristics which we will aim to deliver with the teas to create our new Pintail inspired blend of green tea.

Similarly, our Nibbler ruby ale, a much more robust and biscuity ale uses a number of hops; Ernest, Goldings and Admiral, which as a combination deliver a taste offering orange, earthy, spice and herbal notes.  This will need a more complex blend of black teas to deliver these combinations.

To help create these blends we are working with Neeraj and Vishaka and the team at The Tea People who provide us with our teas which we use in our beers.

Not only do we love the tea which they produce we love their ethics.  As a social enterprise the team donates half of its profits to help educate children in tea growing regions.  They believe that education is a great leveller and proper education can go a long way in lifting not just the individuals, but entire communities. Therefore, offering access to better educational facilities and infrastructure to the children of tea workers so that they can have access to equal opportunities and be instrumental in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

Hopefully you will agree that is a great recipe for some great brews and you can look forward to enjoying Moon Gazer inspired teas in 2022. A proper Norfolk brew you could say from Norfolk Brewhouse.

Watch this space.