Picture credit Lauren De Boise

To say it has been a funny ole year would be an understatement.

As time goes on during this pandemic it is easy to become desensitised to what’s going on around us and just get on with what people are starting to call the ‘new normal’.

For all sectors that is a tough thing to do, but within the hospitality sector on which we operate that is a really hard thing to do.

The hospitality sector is usually so vibrant and social – that’s what it revolves around – so when, due to Covid you take that ‘hubbub’ away the impact is so stark – standing alone in an empty pub or kitchen the silence is deafening such is the contrast to the norm. It can visibly suck the soul out of people.

I have seen this first hand since March – and know that behind the smiles and the welcomes there are lots of people struggling.

I was only too happy to lend our support therefore when Charlie Hodson – the local Ambassador for the charity Hospitality Action – asked if we could help raise awareness of this issue.

If through the beer we can get people talking, and sharing then that is great – there is professional help out there but often a simple chat can help so much.

Charlie had come up with the name Triple T – Time to Talk as talking and listening are so important for mental well-being.

We launched the beer on World Mental Health Day – but the timing of its being in pub and in shops has been a bit up in the air – simply down to the uncertainty of lock down or restriction changes. Although challenging that makes us all the more determined to get the charity the exposure it so deserves.

Knowing what we know now we plan to have the cask and bottle version available for pubs and shops by mid-November.
As to what we hope to achieve with the beer – well, Charlie can say that better than me, and explains:
“‘TTT’ ale was born using the hashtag Time To Talk, raising awareness for the need of conversations about how we feel, the problems we face and how mental health embeds itself on life’s daily routines and family lives.”

“Some might think that alcohol and mental health should never be entwined and from personal experience I totally agree. Excessive alcohol consumption is never going to be the answer. But to simply share a pint or two when we can talk and listen and support each other that’s the important part.”

“At the same time, we can bring much needed awareness to Hospitality Action which is at the core of our industry. I remember when I first spoke to David at Moon Gazer about this idea at the beginning of COVID neither of us would ever have anticipated the utter devastation that this pandemic would have brought not only to our industry in the UK but right across the globe.”

As for the beer, well it will be a 4.4% hoppy amber ale, using Norfolk Maris Otter and British hops.
Any pubs or shops keen to support the cause during November should get in touch with us here at Moon Gazer ales.
Please do also check out the work of Hospitality Action.