It’s always a pleasure to have your beers showcased at our local CAMRA branches flagship beer festival, but its even more rewarding when you get awarded the accolade of listed as some of the best beers in the festival.

This year we were thrilled to win 3 awards for 2 of our beers.

Moon Gazer Californian Magnum won silver as overall best beer of the festival, as well as winning a silver in its own a Golden Ale category.

We can’t take all of the credit for this however, as this particular brew was a collaboration with Kevin Pratt of the Anglian Craft Brewers Association who won the opportunity to brew his recipe at our brewery and to be included within the festival. It’s great that it was so well received at the festival and also is winning plaudits in the pubs who are serving it. We suspect we will be having Kevin back at the brewery at some point.

Our second beer to win an award was our ‘pink’ raspberry charity beer brewed to raise awareness for local breast cancer charity – Keeping A Breast. This beer – appropriately named A Breast Bitter – won silver in the speciality ales category, but more importantly helped raise awareness of the superb support work that the small team does.

We owe a sincere thanks to Norwich and Norfolk CAMRA for allowing this beer to be showcased at the festival at short notice. We appreciate it.

So, chuffed as we were with the awards – the real winners were beer lovers themselves who were served up hundreds of also to enjoy – many of who visit the festival as a long-standing tradition – but many who were visiting for the first time and indeed trying ale and craft beer for the first time.

All in all a great thing for beer and a great thing for Norwich so well done to the team of dedicated volunteers who make it happen every year, we raise a glass to you.