We were so incredibly proud on Saturday that we were able to present a cheque for £21,186 to our chosen charity Its On The ball after David’s 9 day mammoth challenge of pushing 75kg all the way from the brewery to St Bart’s Hospital, in London.

In fairness while David pushed the barrel it was a team effort by everyone at Moon Gazer and Its on The Ball to make it happen.

It was a mad cap idea to raise awareness and stop young men needlessly dying from this horrible cancer.

Well it certainly grabbed the imagination and the challenge attracted the attention of TV, radio and press and so many more people were made aware of this cancer – 98% of which can be cured if diagnosed in time, but where a late diagnose – sometimes of just a few weeks can be tragically  fatal.

Plan are already afoot for beerpush 2023 – yes David is a sucker for punishment – but in the meantime if you weren’t able to donate you can still do so as the need to help young men remains – donate here