Bruce collects the Small Business award

Team Moon Gazer were proud as punch this week when we were awarded the Small Business Award, by North Norfolk District Council.

The awards celebrate the best of business in North Norfolk – the home of Norfolk Brewhouse – and highlights the diversity and excellence of businesses across this vibrant and stunning part of the county.

We were particularly pleased to win the award since where we are based is of particular importance to us.

Not only is North Norfolk blessed with a large number of small businesses – which to be fair make up the vast majority of businesses and employers in the area – but the brewery is smack bang in the best barley growing region in the world (Well that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!).

With such a great band of keen Maris Otter barley growers around us – not to mention the fab company of Crisp Maltings to convert the barley into malt – it would be hard not to create a vibrant brewing business.

However, it takes more than just the right ingredients – it takes a great team and also it requires the support of your customers. We have been very lucky in been able to work with some fantastic pubs, hotels, shops and delis – many of whom themselves run their own great small businesses as key parts of their communities.

We have also been very lucky to collaborate with many of the producers from the area to provide a real taste of North Norfolk. Such collaborations have seen us brew beer with coffee, chocolate, honey and tea to name but a few – all created by local artisans.

It is this sense of community and belonging that defines North Norfolk – it’s not just the pretty bit of the county up by the sea – it’s a fantastic eclectic mix of characters, skills and producers proud of where they are from and proud to add the word North before they say Norfolk.

Rest assured that here at team Moon Gazer, global domination is not on the agenda. We love what we do and strive to always do it well.

We like to think this award acknowledges that and we look forward to displaying it with pride.