We are fast approaching our 1500th brew and we want you to join in the celebrations – and we are offering one lucky pub the opportunity to win 5 firkins of the celebratory ale.

All you have to do is to help us name the beer – so simply email David your suggested name – using info@moongazerale.co.uk

Anyone can join in even if you don’t own a pub you could enter on behalf of you local – just make sure you add their pub name and town with your name suggestion.

Here’s a clue – the winning name will have to have a link to hares. Team Moon Gazer’s decision is final 🙂

As for beer style it is going to be a 4.5% light amber ale – using some exciting new hops from the UK and also New Zealand and USA hops. Our first veer brew was our Jumper ( amber ale) so we thought we’d brew up another amber ale.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions!

The beer will be available for September.


Team Moon Gazer