Look out for the following cask and keg offerings in your local pub, we have all the usual favourites available plus a couple of specials, with more to follow.

Don’t forget that our ever-popular Pintail is also Gluten Free.

Check out the taste guide of available Moon Gazers…

JUMPER NORFOLK AMBER 3.9% abv Our classic amber ale – fruity overtones, balanced bitterness, smooth finish.

JIGFOOT NORFOLK GOLDEN 4.0% abv Our golden ale – well-hopped character, citrus notes and a crisp finish.

NIBBLER NORFOLK RUBY 4.0% abv Our ruby ale – malty overtones, rich, spicy aroma and full bodied.

PINTAIL NORFOLK PALE 3.9% abv Our New Zealand hopped pale – light, golden and hoppy with aromatic citrus notes. GLUTEN FREE

WHITE FACE NORFOLK IPA 5.0% abv Our blonde IPA. USA and UK hops combine to deliver a fruity bitterness and crisp, dry finish.

BOUCHART NORFOLK MILD 4.9% abv A deliciously  smooth dark mild, discernably strong

SHIPMATES AMBER ALE 4% abv – a light fruity  amber ale brewed originally to support Sheringham Shanytymen’s 30th anniversary in 2020 now back! Read more

COMING SOON – September

MASH UP 4.4% abv  Never the same recipe twice , we spring clean the malt and hop store – this time round it is straw guoden with some US, UK and New Zealand hops. More

SKIDDADLER 4.5% abv Award winning milk stout, think chocolate smoothness with soft bitterness and blackcurrant overtones


DEWHOPPER NORFOLK LAGER 4.0% abv Our multi-award-winning craft lager. Light gold in colour, with a crisp hoppy finish.


All of our ales can be pre-ordered in Key Kegs  – real ale in a keg for tour keg lines – we can even bespoke them for you with added fruit or hops to give you a unique take on one of our ales…. GET IN TOUCH for more details